Amazon wants to release the cheapest tablet

The cheapest table from Amazon

According to an article written on The Wall Street Journal, the cheapest tablet will be released by Amazon by the end of the year. Most probably this will be the most affordable, cheapest and worth it tablet from the market.

They say it will cost half of their current cheapest tablet, Amazon Fire HD 6, that costs $99. So a $50 tablet it should be a good investment. The cheapest tablet will have a 6-inch and instead of stereo speaker it will have a mono.

We’re looking forward to see the results of this product and if it’s really worth it and the cheapest tablet from Amazon.


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  1. Hosting May 11, 2016 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Called simply Fire tablet, the new device costs only $49.99 and Amazon will sell six-packs for $250, meaning that when you buy your tablets like you’d buy your beer, you’ll get one for free. 

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