The cheapest garlic press, it’s under one dollar

[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer]

[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer]

We all know the old school garlic press where you had to put the garlic into a bowl and squish it with some sort of thick stick. This old time tool we barely see it in shops nowadays. Why don’t we admit, it was really a good tool for making the garlic on that days. And to make a joke, when you were making the garlic, you were making some fitness exercises at the same time. The technology has evolved: we have a lot of other options and techniques to press the garlic for our favorite food.


Nowadays garlic press

71KCNUu5ecL._SL1500_Everybody knows that we all use the same garlic press. The one that’s made out of metal and where you put the garlic in and start pressing. Still, on this types of garlic press we need a bit of Hercules strength. But this isn’t the cheapest garlic press it’s this post about. And as I’m talking about the price of the this particular garlic press, you can find it anywhere starting with a price of $5.99. I know it isn’t that expensive, but still it isn’t the cheapest garlic press.




The cheapest garlic press

The cheapest garlic press is at $0.99. I know, it’s not even $1. At this price you can’t expect to be made out of steel, but who says that plastic can’t do magic things. Especially when it come to press the garlic for your food.


All you have to do is just put the garlic in there and start spinning. That’s all, no Hercules strength need. I think this is a perfect item for your kitchen: it’s the cheapest garlic press and the most practical garlic press.


What do you think? It’s worth giving $6 for a metal garlic press or pay less than one dollar for the cheapest garlic press? I really wanna hear your opinion on this.


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