How to prepare for your trip, cheap

The summer isn’t over yet so there are trips to come, for e.g a trip to the mountains. From my opinion, I think a mountain trip can be the cheapest trip, you don’t have bars, shops were to spend your money.

As you know in each trip you need to buy necessary stuff that you will use.

You know it’s mandatory to have a backpack. You don’t need a sophisticated backpack and therefor neither an expensive one.  A cheap backpack can start from $1 but to be cheap and good you will need to give at least $19. Here is a good e.g:

Osprey Packs Atmos 50 Backpack

at $256.95

As you can see it’s an universal color therefor it’s a cheap backpack for women and men. Also it’s not heavy backpack, easy to travel with. The backpack is the perfect item for an mountain trip as you won’t need to carry among with you other stuff like bags.

Don’t forget to put in your cheap backpack the clothes (a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt etc.). some food, water, flashlight, cellphone and the list can continue. I think most of those will fit perfectly into the backpack I displayed above.


What advises you have for a prefect mountain trip?

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