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Video Games

wow, this sound brings me to the Fantasy World, with full of imaginary creatures. There are so many different genres of games for different people, so everyone can play games with their unique. To make them simpler, some games like the call of duty, have introduced splitgate hack that is proved to improve the gameplay and consumer experience. Playing games are important for all ages of people for some specific reason and it as a nice way to spend our valuable time. Playing video games has improved our creative knowledge and brain power.

I have to tell you about the cheap and expensive SONY’S Play Stations and MICROSOFT’S Xbox because these two can lead the imaginative world of video games. Sony’s PS4 (Play Station 4) released on November 2014, and PS4 units sold 35.9 million as of Jan 2016. Video Game Generation starts from First Generation to Eight Generation as of 2016. Sony’s Play Station console starts from Fifth Generation and Microsoft’s Xbox console start’s from Sixth Generation.

Cheapest and Best selling Video Game

console in history is a Play Station 2 with more than 155 million units has been sold. The best selling game on PS2 is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with 27.5 million copies has been sold. The cheap PS2 console can play DVD also. PS2 users have the ability to play select games over the internet using a broadband internet connection and a PS2 Network Adaptor, and same as the PS2 has more accessories like remote controller, Eye Toy, Sing Star and Memory Card.

Play Station 3

is Seventh Generation console, it can play Blue-ray, DVD, and CDs. Play Station 3 hardware has also been used to build supercomputers and for high performance computing, some organization has purchased clusters of Play Station 3 units for research purpose.
The Play Station 4 and Xbox One both offer excellent games in about every genre. Most sports games are available for both systems. PS4 is more attractive and with a controller that offers more functionality out of the box. PS4 console can play Blue-ray.
The Xbox One‘s latest interface Windows 10 powered look and feel of Microsoft’s console, and the PS4 interface is always kinda great look and smooth capturing game play moments and sharing them with friends. Hardware, Interface, Performance, and Graphics are great in PS4. At its launch the Xbox One did not have a native Backward Compatibility with original Xbox games, then Senior project management and planning director explained that Microsoft was initially considering a cloud gaming platform to enable backward compatibility, now both console has Backward Compatibility which means we can play the previous generation of cheapest Play Station games on this console.
Video Game genre is Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Simulation, Strategy and Survival Horror. Nowadays, amazing games are releasing we have huge collections of gaming consoles and games that are smart enough.

My Best Games Suggestion is:

1. God of war 1, 2 and 3

.2. Assassin’s Creed.

3. GTA Collection

4. Tomb Raider Trilogy

5. Halo. Etc.

The cheap and best gaming console is PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360, it has huge collections of games and very cheap.

The latest console is PS4 and Xbox One.
Below you can find some Cheapest Video Game Consoles:

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