Cheap Vlog Cameras in 2016

As technology advances, and all the sophisticated gadgets such as webcams out there, vlogging (video plus blogging) has been made simpler than ever. Video blogging is just the same as regular blogging, just in visual form. Video blogs fit perfectly in the current generation of web browsers who are more interested in latest information in a visual format rather than hard-on-the-eyes text. In fact, vlogs are fast becoming some of the most popular blogs on the internet. If you haven’t utilized this brilliant opportunity in the blogging world, it’s high time you purchase your cheap vlog camera.

Several Options

Anybody with a blog that contains video content is likely to think about the best vlog camera to use at every occasion. If you’re looking for a cheap and efficient solution or advice, then there’s no right answer to this question. Your choice will entirely depend on your individual requirements and budget. What might be right for you might not be an ideal solution for others. The good news is that there’s a wide range of choices for all sorts of budgets, and chances are high that you can obtain something that fits just right. The following is an overview of the 3 best vlog cameras in 2016.

Best Vlog Camera under $100

Active CX Action Camera

This is a cheap, entry-level action camera with features and specifications that matches or exceeds those of competitors. Active CX has a very compact and classic design with an attractive touch finish. It has a resolution of 5MP with a CMOS sensor to reduce battery consumption and comes with additional features such as a 2-inch LCD display which definitely makes setting up and framing shots much simpler and reliable. The display is also bright enough to view under direct sunlight. Active CX is equipped with a companion app that allows you to use your mobile gadget as a viewfinder to monitor live video, manage files or share content on social media platform.


-WiFi enabled, micro-HDMI port for streaming high definition content to your television, etc

-Different recording modes for different situations; such as underwater, sports, and night-time

-Waterproof case (airtight up to 196 feet underwater)

-Long battery life, 6 different faceplates for customization


-Videos can sometimes be grainy, particularly when the camera is moved a lot.

For anyone looking for a low-budget camera which is greatly effective, then Active CX might definitely be the perfect option, given the added packages that come with it.

Best Vlog Camera under $200

Sony Cyber-Shot WX80

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a decent camera for your video blogging activities. There are many different options that cost less than $200 and do the job perfectly well. Sony Cyber-Shot WX80 is a great choice for any financially struggling video blogger. The camera utilizes a 16.2 megapixels sensor as well as an Exmor R image processor. It’s capable of recording Full HD videos, quite portable, not to mention the 8x optical zoom.


-It comes with an additional rechargeable battery, 16GB memory card, trademark Sony case and lens cleaning kit.

-Wi-Fi connectivity and remote viewfinder capability

-It’s compact enough for easy transportation, sharp lens, 8x optical zoom range

-Very fast burst shooting and short shutter lag


-In-camera battery charging

-The camera is not quite effective in low light situations

-Slow to start and shoot

Best Vlog Camera under $300

Canon Powershot S100

Compact cameras are preferred by many video bloggers above all else because of the ease of use and movability. If you are capable of spending anything above $250, you can be assured of obtaining something that is valuable. When it comes to productivity, Canon Powershot S100 can shoot Full HD videos in 1080p at 24 frames per second with stereo sound. The camera utilizes a 12.1 megapixel, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor as well as a DIGIC 5 image processor. If you’re considering buying something that is affordable, easy to use, compact and easy to carry from one point to another, then this just might be the perfect choice for you.


-It’s really small for easy transportation

-20x combined zoom with optical image stabilizer

-3-inch color LCD with wide viewing angle


-Sometimes, the flash pops up on its own and distracts the photographer

-There are times when the lens fails to retract


Given the current shape of the economy, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on vlogging. The above described cameras are recommendable to anyone looking for a reasonably priced video camera that can shoot Full HD videos, to take it out for adventures and outings.

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