Cheap Movies Under 5 Dollars

Cheap Movies Under 5 Dollars

These cheap movies may be found in eBay, Amazon and Walmart among other online stores and they may include Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter, The Inbetweeners Movie 1 and 2 boxes, Far and Away, the Frozen Ground and lots of other. The best time to buy such cheap movies and get the cheapest movies at a cheap price would be during black Fridays and at the start of the new year, where a lot of DVD gets sold at an offer in Blu-ray format and also in markets where people sell used but well maintained items.

Introduction to Movie DVD/Blu-Ray

Blu-ray disc is the new cutting edge technology in the storage of data in a digital optical state which can be able to store videos in high definition. The Bu-ray contains 25 GB per layer which can go up to quadruple layer of 128 GB with resolutions extending to 1080p that is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Advantages of Buying Cheap Movie DVD/Blu-Ray

One, you can buy all the movies he/she ever wanted from the leading studios, therefore purchasing the cheapest movies at a reasonable price not above $5. Blu-ray format is highly appreciated by customers because out of the eight major movie studios, seven can brag about using Blu-ray disks in their movie titles which they have released making it cheaper for consumers to buy as compared to HD-DVD which supports only two movie studios. The importance to this aspect is because when one’s favorite movie title is released in a format other than Blu-ray he/she may be required to purchase the HD-DVD format and buy a machine which supports that hence it becomes expensive rather than cheap since the larger percentage of the movie studios use blu-ray. These seven studios which create a cheap environment for purchasing the cheapest movie in Blu-ray format include:

  • Warner
  • Disney
  • Fox
  • Paramount
  • Sony
  • MGM
  • Lionsgate

The companies which use HD-DVD are:

  • Paramount
  • Universal

That in the open, it is now clear that Blu-ray enjoys a good fan base, making the DVD readily available to offers in cheap movies since many movie titles come readily available from many studios making it cheap to access cheap movies in DVD and blu-ray.

Blu-ray movie is cheap as compared to HD-DVD since HD-DVD holds 15 GB per layer. As stated above the 25 GB per layer which Blu-ray holds make it more convenient for a customer who has purchased cheap movies since the customer enjoys huge amounts of data from the studios which may add special features to the DVD making the customer purchase and enjoy one of the cheapest movies in the market with the best data in terms of quality and quantity.

Another advantage which Blu-ray movie has is that their data transfer rate for video and audio is higher in the sense that as compared to other DVD such as HD-DVD, Blu-ray transfers 54 Mbps unlike the 36.55 Mbps of HD-DVD. When a customer purchases a cheap Blu-ray movie, he/she enjoys quality video and audio feed.

The advantage of purchasing cheap movie through Blu-ray is that one can watch the cheapest movies easily as Blu-ray enjoys a large support from major electronic companies which venture in computers and media such as Philips, Sony, LG, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Dell, HP and TDK among others, unlike HD-DVD which is only supported by Toshiba. This helps the consumer to choose from a wide range a suitable player or hardware to play his/her cheap movies in Blu-ray format.

Some of my favorite cheap movies in Blu-ray format

I think I should have made this post name: “Cheap movies under 1$

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