The cheapest way to decorate your house

Everyone likes to have a beautiful house, but not everyone has the enough money to do it. I assure you that you can get a very pleasant house with cheap decorations that you can buy online.

Like I always say in my mind: “not all the cheap stuff are the worst as not all the expensive stuff are the best”. I think I’ll make this the slogan of this website.  Anyway, back to our cheap decorations.

1. Start decorate step-by-step

I think this is the best way to not throw money away really fast. Let say you have already in mind how you want your house to look, but you will get a more beautiful result if you try to decorate your house room by room. Why? Well, I’m sure that after you see the first room decorated you will change your mind about the next room. You will want something else and.. you didn’t buy it yet because you are doing this step-by-step.  If you already bought everything then you lost some money out there. So that’s a start for having the cheapest decorations. I think you are getting the point of what I’m trying to say here.

2. Open at least 3 decoration websites

To get the cheapest decoration you have to search at least 3 decoration websites so you can compare the prices. It may happen that the decoration websites don’t have the same products so you can’t compare. Well you can try by “building up a room” with your cheap decoration by adding to cart the products you like from first website. Then do the same with 2nd, 3rd website. Finally, compare the total amount of each shopping cart. I’m sure that you already chose the cheapest decoration and the best from each site. What you will do? It’s logic that you will choose the cheapest decoration shopping cart.

3. Set up a budget

It’s good to set up a budget for your cheapest decoration. When you will start shopping, you won’t throw money on everything you see and you will get only what you need for your home.  Like the first step above set your budget for each room. Don’t do it for the whole house, you will get to the point where you wasted more money for others rooms and you will have a room or two with no decoration or less.

4. Talk to a friend

You can talk to your wife/husband or if you are single with a friend. Why? In any situation, not only on decorating your home cheap, a friend can make you change your mind about an expensive stuff. Maybe he/she already bought it and it wasn’t good enough or not worth it. We all know that “taste” it’s not discuss-able but there are few chances that your friend doesn’t like your “taste”. That’s why is your friend right ? So don’t hesitate to talk to somebody when you choose the cheapest decoration. They even can make you choose a decoration that is cheaper.

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