Choose the cheapest toys for your baby boy

I’m starting by saying that I have an 1 year and 8 months baby boy too and it’s really hard sometimes to keep up with his needs (toys, cloths etc). Beside the fact he is continually growing and the cloths are getting smaller, so do his “skills” on playing with his toys. That’s why when I wanna buy a cheap toy for my baby boy, I’m thinking on taking the cheapest toys that are the most attractive.

Why the cheapest toys?

Because we all know baby kids, they get bored of a toy very fast and I think we shouldn’t invest too much on toys. I’m not saying don’t buy your kid no toys.

Cheapest musical toys

I think most of the kids love musical toys. I’m saying “most” because I know a friends baby that cries when a toy starts playing. But here is not the case. Like in every industry we have cheap toys and expensive toys. Here, the cheapest musical toy I would buy for my baby boy.

Very colorful and not too big, your baby boy can take in his own hands this cheap musical toy and walk with it through all the rooms of your house. Another advantage of this cheap toy is that you can take it with you in your trips/walks because of the size of it. To convince you more about this cheap toy you should read the Amazon reviews (here) and you’ll see how “fan-freakin-tastic” it is.

Cheapest Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

I think this toy is the best for the age when your baby wants to walk. I bought this cheap toy because of the multi-options:

  • helps your baby to start walking
  • keeps him busy with all those colorful buttons and activity
  • you can detach the board and use it in bed/car/table (without the wheels)
  • very qualitative/strong materials (my boy throw it in all the possible ways and still works)
  • the cheapest push & pull toy
  • he can push this toy all over the house day and night

Cheapest Baby Phone

The main problem we have in our house is the disappearance of our smartphones. My baby boy loves to take our phones and hide it, throw it etc. That’s why I think this cheap baby toy phone is perfect, so he has his own “smartphone” to throw.

As you can see, I chosen again a Vtech product. I think they have very cheap/strong/qualitative products. I’m saying this from my experience with the cheapest toys I have from them.

When my baby boy got in his hand my phone, he start talking by putting the phone near the ear, just like a grown man. This toy is perfect for him.


I would love to hear from you what are your baby favorite and cheap toys.

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